Networking Services

Networks & Connectivity

IT Services works closely with local network administrators to support, monitor, and optimize network performance while maximizing network security and availability.

Servers & Data

IT Services provides centralized server hosting Windows based system administration, Microsoft SQL database administration and local server management.

VoIP( Voice over Internet Protocol)

We provide a full range of VoIP solutions which are ideal for businesses looking to implement a reliable and advanced telephone system.

IT Security

IT Security is charged with protecting the organizations networks from malicious computer attacks, service interruptions, and network harassment. We educate, consult with, and provide tools for staff to assist them with protecting their information assets.

File Storage & Sharing

IT Services provides a variety of options for centrally storing, managing, and sharing files and data. This includes both personal and departmental file stores, and sharing files both within departments on campus and with people outside the University.

Backup and Storage

We provides enterprise backup and recovery solutions for servers. Off-site protection is optionally available for critical applications.